Each stage places the shooter in a setting that will require using one or more of the guns in a specific sequence.  These stages will be unlike anything you have shot before; some-times described as a “real life video game.”

Bring your rifle, pistol and shotgun, and ammunition (recommended 30% more than needed to complete the stages). 

California Shooting Arcade was created in August 2015 after owner Bill Paganelli came back from MGM Targets Sponsored IRONMAN 3 Gun Event in Parma, Idaho.  Bill was determined to bring the sport of MultiGun to California and has done so with the help of his friends who work as Range Safety Officers at all of the matches.


 Bill Paganelli is a Paramedic in Alameda County working on the ambulance.  He has ISTM training, NRA Certification as an instructor and Range Officer training from 3 Gun Nation.  He is also an avid firearms enthusiast.

Safety briefings and stage walk-throughs provided by Range Safety Officers. They will provide clear, concise instructions for maximizing success and completing all stages.

California Shooting Arcade History


What makes up a Universal MultiGun Challenge?

Equipment Needed:


Events combine gun handling skills, quick reloads, accuracy and speed into one package.

ColorCodedBulletTips are Prohibited
If you are carrying armor piercing rounds during a Range Safety Officer spot check, you will be disqualified from that stage.

We also recommend:

The targets vary:  clay pigeons, cardboard silhouettes, MGM steel reactive targets.

5 California Legal Rifle Magazines
5 California Legal Pistol Magazines
Shotgun shell carrier - multiple options available
Camp chair
Safety gear including:  safety glasses, hearing protection and range appropriate clothing including hat and sunscreen. Also, a high ankle boot is best for support on the uneven ground.  


Water bottle